Free Printable Valentine’s Day Stickers for Favor Bags

free printable valentine's day stickers Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away and what better way to celebrate than by putting together some favor bags for your loved ones. You can easily put these together with our free printable Valentine’s Day stickers, some favor bags from your local craft store and your favorite Valentine’s Day treats like candy hearts or Hershey’s kisses.
free printable valentine's day stickers for favor bags

8.5×11 Sticker paper or cardstock
Printable Valentine’s Day Stickers
2″ circle punch
Tape or glue stick (if using cardstock or paper)
Favor bags
Your favorite Valentine’s Day treats

free printable valentine's day stickers

Step 1) Download and print our free printable Valentine’s Day stickers onto 8.5×11 sticker paper or cardstock.
Step 2) Using the 2″ circle punch, punch the stickers out into circle shapes.
Step 3) Stick or glue the circles onto the favor bags
Step 4) Fill the favor bags with your favorite treats and give out to your loved ones!

free printable valentine's day stickers for favor bags


Hot Wedding Cake Trends for 2015

For couples tying the knot in 2015, know what’s in store for you in terms of wedding cake designs. Pick an inspiration (or two) from the wedding cake trends for 2015.

Buttercream and Naked Wedding Cakes
Fondant gives way to delicious buttercream in 2015. An emerging trend, most especially in rustic-themed weddings, is the earthy, homemade-looking undressed cake. A thin layer of buttercream is applied to the cake. The frosting is then scraped off to show the brown sponge cake. In some cases, there is no outer frosting at all. Just make sure that your fillings remain stable at room temperature, so they don’t melt and ruin the look of your cake. Popular toppings for naked wedding cakes include fresh fruits or flowers.

Naked Wedding CakeNaked Wedding Cake_chocolateNaked Wedding Cake_pink roses

Tiers in Varying Shapes
If you opt for a tiered wedding cake, you might want to consider having tiers of different shapes. In 2015, mix-shaped tiers are going to grace numerous reception tables. For example, choose a wedding cake whose bottom tier is rectangular while the upper ones are circular.

Tiered CakeTiers_birdTiers_initial

Metallic Cakes 
Wedding cakes sporting an iridescent metallic sheen are back in 2015. Expect gorgeous cakes unevenly slathered with buttercream frosting that is resplendent in metallic shades like copper and gold. If a solid metallic shade is too overwhelming for you, then go for a sequined look, wherein edible copper-colored sequins are applied to the cake’s outer frosting.   

Metallic CakeMetallic_mintMetallic_gold silver

French Twist 
Decadent, French-inspired treats will be a source of awe for many wedding reception attendees in 2015. Imagine a towering arrangement of stacked colorful macaroons, crepes, and caramel-threaded croquembouche.


Unique Filling
Surprise your guests by adding an unexpected flavor to your wedding cake. 2015 is the year of the unique and sumptuous cake filling. Think delectable combos such as almonds and cherry preserves, bananas laced with peanut butter cream cheese, pink champagne and rum custard, chocolate cinnamon paired with salted chocolate ganache, as well as coconut and lime buttercream.

Unique Fillings_mr mrsFillingsUnique Fillings_wood


Buttercream and Naked Wedding Cakes (left to right)
Photo by Crystal Stokes via Wedding Chicks
Photo by Cassidy Tuttle via It’s a Bride’s Life
Photo by 4 Eyes Photography via It’s a Bride’s Life

Tiers in Varying Shapes (left to right)
Via CakeCentral
Photo by Memoire Studio via Bridal Guide
Photo by Anne Marie Photography via MODwedding

Metallic Cakes (left to right)
Photo by Rachel Petes via Wedding Chicks
Photo by Atelier Pictures via Brides
Photo by VUE Photography via Brides

French Twist (left to right)
Via Wedding Chicks
Photo by Canary Grey Photography via Style Me Pretty
Via Flickr

Unique Filling (left to right)
Photo by Illuminate Photography via Style Me Pretty
Via The Knot
Via The Knot


Free Printable Thankful For Cards

free printable thankful for cards for thanksgiving
Next week is Thanksgiving and a great way to show what you’re thankful for is with these free printable “thankful for” cards. You can have your friends and family all write down what they’re thankful for and share it with each other at dinner. They’re super easy to print out. All you need is:

  • 8.5×11 cardstock or paper
  • a printer
  • a craft knife, scissors or paper cutter
  • metal ruler (optional if using a craft knife)
  • cutting mat (also optional if using a craft knife)

Just print these out on some 8.5×11 cardstock or paper, which you can buy at your local craft store or office supply store. Then you can just cut the paper in half lengthwise and horizontally to get 4 cards.

Download the Free Printable Thankful For Cards Here

free printable thankful for cards for thanksgiving


The Inspired Wedding Book Giveaway!

Inspired Wedding Book Giveaway

Emma Arendoski, the editor-in-chief over at Emmaline Bride, is an expert when it comes to handmade weddings. She’s even written a book about it called The Inspired Wedding.

In the introduction Emma writes:

When planning my own wedding, I wanted every element to reflect our personalities — but store-bought finds fell short of my expectations. Online, however, I discovered an abundance of beautiful, handmade goods, along with unlimited opportunities for customization. I was so inspired that I decided to create a place where other brides could experience the special qualities that handmade items bring to a wedding. Emmaline Bride became that place.

I love Emma’s story of trying to find elements to fit their wedding’s theme but how most of the store-bought items weren’t meeting her expectations. So she looked online and found a plethora of vendors that provided handmade, unique and customizable items to fit her day. And in her book, she offers lots of great ideas on using handmade items and elements based around seven wedding themes:

  • Romantically Vintage
  • Farmhouse Rustic
  • Beach Bliss
  • Urban Chic
  • Free Spirit (features our Geek Chic invitation)
  • Traditional
  • Boho Style

The book is filled to the brim with gorgeous visual inspiration and unique ideas for all aspects of your big day like ceremony decor, flowers, dresses, invitations, receptions, even games and bridal party gifts and lots more!

Want to get your hands on a copy? Well I’m giving away a book to one lucky reader! All you need to do is leave a comment and tell me which of the seven themes you would use for your wedding day! One entry per person. The giveaway ends Sunday, November 9th at 11:59pm EST. The winner will be announced Monday, November 10th.

And if you can’t wait and would rather just buy a copy, you can grab one here at Amazon.

*This giveaway has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered! The winner is Laura. Congrats Laura! You will be contacted via email shortly*



Introducing Our Letterpress Invitation Collection!

We are excited to announce our letterpress wedding invitation collection! This collection features some of our most popular designs as well as some completely new designs.

If you are not familiar with letterpress, it is a vintage printing technique where the design and type is imprinted onto the cardstock. The process is very laborious as each piece of cardstock is hand-fed into the printer. The inks are hand-mixed and only one ink can be used for each print run and then set to dry before printing with another ink. However, the results are well worth it and make for a bold statement with your stationery. Check out some of our designs!

rustic type letterpress invitation playful poster letterpress invitation modern elegant wedding letterpress invitation modern banner invitation letterpress whimsical script invitation letterpress fancy vintage invitation letterpress calligraphy script letterpress invitation closeup


Free Printable Watercolor Table Numbers

free printable watercolor table numbers It’s time for another free printable! I put together these free printable watercolor table numbers for you to print at home or at your local copy shop. They come in flat, 5×7 cards that you can frame or put in metal card holders in blush, peach or blue. All of them have numbers 1-20. They coordinate with our watercolor script wedding invitation design. If you are going to print these at home, you will need:

  • 8.5×11 cardstock
  • a printer
  • a craft knife, scissors or paper cutter
  • metal ruler (optional if using a craft knife)
  • cutting mat (also optional if using a craft knife)

All you need to do is print these on some 8.5×11 cardstock, which you can buy at your local craft store or office supply store. There are crop marks in the file to show where you need to cut, which you can do so using your craft knife, scissors or a paper cutter. Here are the PDF files:

Free Printable Watercolor Table Numbers in Blush 1-20

Free Printable Watercolor Table Numbers in Peach 1-20

Free Printable Watercolor Table Numbers in Blue 1-20

If you need different colors or more numbers, please contact us and we can put a file together for you for a nominal fee.

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