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Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Earlier this week I hurt my back and neck. I woke up in the middle of the night with shooting pains in my neck and shoulder blades and couldn’t move my neck and left arm. So I went to the doctor Monday morning and basically my body just gave out from years of sitting at a computer for work. It must be because I’m turning 30 this month. My body wants to make me feel old lol So I avoided being on the computer only when it was absolutely necessary. That’s why you probably didn’t see me tweeting so much. But I’ve been back to the doctor every day this week for physical therapy and am doing much better. I do a lot of yoga but I’ve been slacking the past few months. I think it’s something I’m just going to have to incorporate into my daily life.

So later in the week since I’ve been feeling a bit better, I worked on the new Crafty Pie site, which will have it’s own shopping cart built-in. I’ve also rebranded and created a whole new logo and look for the site. I’ll probably post a sneak peak next week (check out my mad rhyming skills lol). I can’t wait to get the new site up. My goal is to have everything ready by the new year.

This weekend we’re checking out a new tapas restaurant downtown called ORO. I’ve only ever been to two other tapas places. One of them is shut down and the other is in San Francisco so there’s no way I’ll be able to go there anytime soon. So I’m really looking forward to trying this new one.

Anyway, here are some fun links/events/notes of interest that happened this week:

1) Claire Pettibone interview on Style Me Pretty

claire pettibone interview on style me pretty

Claire Pettibone is an incredibly talented wedding gown designer. I remember drooling over her dresses when planning my own wedding six years ago. Her style is romantic and vintage with a bit of whimsy. Check out her interview on Style Me Pretty.

2) Postable, an online mailing address list

postable online address list

Have you heard of Postable? I just discovered it this week. It’s a website that allows you to capture all of your friends and family addresses in one place. You set up an account, then it gives you a link that you can send out to people, which contains a form for them to fill out their address and contact info. It’s perfect for weddings, holidays, showers and birth announcements. You can then export it and print labels to put on your envelopes. Easy peasy!

3) Fall Wedding Ideas & Inspiration

fall wreath escort cards

Are you planning a fall wedding and need some ideas and inspiration? In case your missed my post from yesterday, check it out here.

So what is everyone up to this weekend??

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